Fumihiro Kikuchi is a dance artist from Japan exploring cross-cultural understanding in the process of cognitive perspective. Fumihiro thrives on interdisciplinary work in a collaborative environment to creatively investigate innovative movement language. He was a member of Datura: a multidisciplinary improvisational performance group as well as CONDER/Dance in Arizona, and has presented his work at venues in California, Arizona, Colorado, and New York. As a choreographer, Fumihiro was a resident artist at [nueBOX] (2016) and a guest artist at California State University, Fresno (2016). In addition to being a dancer and a choreographer, Fumihiro has extensive experience in costume design and construction and lighting design. His unique perspectives and expertise allow his approach to be innovative yet complementary in nature. He has designed costumes in a myriad of styles for dancers and performance artists and his lighting designs symbiotically support the development of his own work as well as his collaborations. He holds his MFA in Dance from Arizona State University.