Photo by Hyunjung Seo

layers with ___ (2019)

layers with ___ has an objective to create a transformed and alive space where the different layers that make up life come into play: the visible layers (what are the lines, shapes, time, texture, dimension and weight) and the invisible layers (feelings, sensations, thoughts, personal lived experience). Under these premises, the space is intervened to show that the perceptions we can have of it can change continuously as do our own experiences and our daily improvisation. The fact of changing the perception allows us to know something we did not notice or that we were not aware of. The work is an invitation to the public to observe these visible and invisible layers to try to experience the process of being aware of their own personal layers.

Choreography, Performance, Set Design by Fumihiro Kikuchi
Music: Shallow Breath + pick your poison by tsone

Special Thanks to: Jonah Bokaer Arts Foundation AIR Program